Photo Gallery

Bragging about your hunt is one of the joys of harvesting an impressive trophy. Rawhide Creek Outfitters understands the excitement in showing off your success, which is why we have created this photo gallery. It is also way to show future hunters the successes they can expect when hunting with Rawhide Creek Outfitters.

Our team of guides is dedicated to providing our hunters with the personalized attention they need to experience what we believe will be the most phenomenal hunting in the United States. No need for us to brag about the abundance of wildlife our ranches have to offer, a picture speaks a thousand words. As you browse through our photo gallery, it will come as no surprise that we often hear from our hunters that they have never seen so many trophy-worthy animals in their life. Perhaps this explains why we have fourth generation hunters booking their hunts with Rawhide.

After viewing our photo gallery, contact us to get more information on how you can book your next Big Game Trophy hunt with Rawhide Creek Outfitters located in Northeast Wyoming along the Little Powder River Drainage.